How medical marijuana can treat depression


Many people don’t take depression seriously as they deem it to be just a violent mood swing that will last some time and go away. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Depression is usually described as feeling down, miserable, unhappy, blue and sad. Most of the time, persons who suffer from depression tend to feel completely worthless and are having troubles with finding the reasons to live.

Most people tend to feel like this but just for a couple of days or a short period of time. When the feelings of constant frustration, anger, loss and sadness start interfering with your life for months or in the worst case scenario, years, that is what is known as true clinical depression. It is a health condition that could lead to a fatal end if it is not treated properly.

Now, with all this in mind, I have come across a very good study that focused on how THC found in cannabis affects the human ability to process emotional content. The study clearly indicated that cannabis reduces stress and all the negative bias that led people to melancholy. Medical marijuana has the ability to put the depressive patients into the state of ease where they are actually learning how to cope with the world around them.

It furthermore extends their self-esteem and boosts their confidence. Still, all of this is not enough to provide a legitimate study. In the state of Colorado, since the moment the cannabis was legalized, the number of patients suffering from depression drastically went low. So, it is absolutely safe to say that there is something there, it is true that cannabis works in most cases of depression and if combined with proper therapies and medications, could lead to a full recovery.

I want to believe that this is true and that those people have other options than just going to a doctor’s and end up with a bunch of opiate-based pills that they have to swallow for the rest of their lives. Medical marijuana could be a solution.

If you do suffer with depression, though, as well as substance use disorder, it’s imperative that you seek treatment somewhere like The Recovery Village in Colorado.