Medical marijuana and chronic pain


Hello, my name is Stefan K. Lightner and welcome to my blog about medical marijuana in Colorado and how it can benefit your health in numerous ways. Today, I will be writing about how cannabis can be helpful to treat chronic pain. First of all, let me start with defining this term. If any pain persists for more than 12 weeks, it is defined as chronic pain.

It is very different from acute pain and it usually means that there is permanent damage somewhere in the body. There are three components: social, mental and physical. Put simply, pain is a way your body lets you know that something is wrong. There are also three categories: neurogenic, somatic and visceral. Neurogenic is related to nerves, somatic to deep tissue and skin and visceral to internal organs.

The pain we are talking about is also known as pathological pain. Now, if I take a long history of treating chronic pain with cannabis into my consideration, I can safely say that medical marijuana can indeed help problems caused by this pain. According to the patients in Colorado who are actually using it to treat their pain, it has proven to be quite effective. Since cannabis affects how patients perceive pain, it can largely mitigate the entire inflammatory process.

In addition to all that, cannabis has a similar effect to that of lidocaine because it affects sodium voltage-gated channels, just like lidocaine. This was confirmed by numerous doctors and healthcare practicionists. The ability to affect pain receptors in order to relieve chronic pain comes from the fact that cannabinoid receptors type 1 and type 2 are responsible for the sensation of pain the patients feel.

Therefore, cannabis can help by reacting with those receptors and thus give it a therapeutic relevance. So, as you can see from all of this, marijuana can indeed help those who experience chronic pain on a daily level. Most of the time, cannabis is prescribed, in conjunction with other medications and therapies, to people who have cancer as it can significantly relieve the pain.